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March 2020

We are not physically connected in the way we are used to,

indeed, we are experiencing deprivation of physicalities of the social experience enriched by our multisensory experience.

Isolated, we are lacking the touch, the smell, the taste of the outer environments, but much like how our brain plasticity allows to readjust when needed, let’s let our other senses rest and use our imagination.


Let us set off on an adventure within, to explore our thoughts and feelings on a conscious level. 

Let's have a look inside out minds...together


I encourage us to communicate, to activate our resilience through creativity. You don’t have to think hard, just notice thougts that stumble across your mind.


I’m just an artist who wants to design your thoughts and share them, to help our social minds.

We are responsible for comforting each other in difficult times.


Your thoughts will be displayed here, they will become part of the colourful displays, part of the artwork within 48 hours, together with your name and country of origin.

- in our mutual work - Quarantine philosophy.

If you feel uncomfortable with publishing your name, we completely understand and shall place "undisclosed" instead of your name.

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