Emma's wandering shoes have driven her to live all over the USA, Australia, and Europe. She moved to Australia to complete the Communication Design programme at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. This experience was the result of her natural hunger for discovery. Her love for design psychology led her to carry on her master studies at the University of Hertfortshire, UK.


Through this experience she found her mantra and expertise, “low surface complexity, high information content.” A minimalistic approach is her first plan of attack when it comes to design communication.

She works tirelessly for you and all she asks in return is straightforwardness. She recognizes that harmony and unity are created when you’re honest, so as to save your precious time, shoot straight!

- Andrew Van Wilpe, Business Associate - 


Expertise in Visual Communication with focus on Minimalism

Experience worldwide from Australia, USA and Europe.

Leading projects as a member of Creative Laboratories Worldwide.

Publishing professional articles on Design.

Art projects and initiatives from her own Workshop.

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Bert Hesselink


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...from the very beginning I was impressed with Emma's

positive energy and can-do attitude. Emma was leading  a team of 2 designers, a multimedia administrator and a communication specialist.



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...she has strong written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organised, can work independently, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner...



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Emma's  work is  outstanding, creative and more importantly she is not  frightened of the hard work required in making this project a success.


Emma Dikyova Design

& Creative Laboratories Worldwide

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CZ - Prague, Holeckova 31